[daily] Scuba

I am getting my open water certification next weekend. Excited but also scared to jump into the water. Drowning is a fear of mine, but I am up for the challenge and I can’t wait to explore the underwater wonders of the world. Why live in fear when opportunities are endless. One of my friends asked me why I would go under the water if there is a chance of getting bitten by a shark. My response was……If I am meant to die by a shark bite….then go on and bite me.

[travel] my next trip will be one week heading to the island of Okinawa. How exciting is that? I am doing a three day scuba diving trip…..whale sharks anyone? I am ridiculously excited about it!


Random Picture of the Day

I love this little girl. Her name is Shiori. It was her birthday and it was grand. What a prefect day it was.


cheers and happy traveling.



2 responses to “[daily] Scuba

  1. highly unlikely you’ll be bit by a shark so enjoy your classes! I love SCUBA and love photography underwater, it’s a constant challenge as well as beautiful. Hope you have a great learning experience

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