[Daily] Money Money Money. Ain’t it funny.

Oh dear. What an EXPENSIVE week. Indeed.

I have been “investing” into many things. My usual investments are trips. Hello, my name is Mao and I am a travel addict. So like I said before, I am taking a week in Okinawa. But on top of that, I got my Australian Visa…which means  that I get to buy a ONE WAY ticket to Melbourne.

I also bought a GoPro with a dive housing today. There goes another $300. Oh gesh. Along with my open diving certificate, which took a pretty big bite out of my wallet.

(*I do work hard. I don’t just play hard. Don’t mistake my spending as easy. It isn’t, it hurts a little every time I open my wallet. I get up at 6:00 on weekdays and I usually don’t come back until 21:00. And I am an excellent saver.)

I think one of my paychecks is now gone just in a week. Oh man. Time to work and come home and be a hermit.


A night view of Seattle when I went back in February. I miss my city. I will be back….one day.

cheers and happy traveling.



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