[daily] typhoon

So this weekend was a bust. Let me recap by starting on Friday.
I started with a busy busy week at school and teaching private lessons every night. On Friday night I had my first scuba lesson! So exciting! I loved it. Breathing underwater and pretending to be a fish….how unnatural.

But the good comes with the bad. I didn’t get certified this weekend. Because of the typhoon that came last night. We couldn’t be in the water on Saturday or Sunday. Mai pen rai is what I had to keep telling myself. The scuba instructor and I finally came to the understanding that I really wanted to get certified in order for me to enjoy my trip to Okinawa in less than a week. So I get to certify in Okinawa! I guess it is a win win.

Scuba was interesting. The people we had the lesson with are different bunch. One guy talked a lot but couldn’t walk the walk. And the other guy was captain obvious. The mix of both of them were time consuming when it came to learning. They took three times as long as both Paul and I when we had to show the instructor our skills.

But overall a positive experience and I think I’m getting hooked. I’m glad I won’t  live near beautiful water or else I would be investing in my own gear.

This weekend was a bummer. I got sick from the kids and stayed at home in my bed nursing it off ( I am an English teacher at a public elementary school). Lots of fluids and vitamins. I was craving ramen and ice cream but had to settle for sushi and pocari sweat. On Sunday night there was a typhoon that came through and rattled our house but it was a beautiful morning on Monday.

Now I’m at my elementary school. I got my school shirt which happens to be purple and gold…my university colors. So I love it even more. What a great way to start your day.


Can’t wait to rock this shirt out.

Hope you had a lovely eventful weekend!

cheers and happy traveling,


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