[travel] packing.

I hate packing. If I could I would just go and buy new clothes every time I had to go somewhere.

But unfortunately I didn’t buy a nice expensive backpack to just have it sit there and collect dust.

So here I am at 11:21 at night writing about how much I hate packing when I should be packing.

What you should pack will always change with your situation. For this trip. I will need to pack summer clothes and enough bikinis to last me a week…so 2. haha.

I should be getting used to packing but for me it is a matter of what NOT to take. And that is always a huge problem.

Travel tip* When all else fails……pack you bag and then take 1/3 of it out. Some people may say half but for me….that would make me anxious. And pack with outfits in mind already. Makes it much simpler.

self portrait taken by my iphone….backpack and camera bag… I am ready to go!

Ok. I really have to go pack.

cheer and happy traveling! Off to Okinawa I go!



2 responses to “[travel] packing.

  1. Packing is easy if you are organized and prepared to exercise some self discipline. There are loads of packing lists and packing advice on WordPress (including on my blog). Just search packing lists or one bag travel and all will be revealed!
    No one likes it, but think about what you get to do once it’s finished!

    • That is true! I can’t wait to enjoy my vacation!
      Packing lists are great but it’s hard not to take my whole closet with me. 🙂
      But I’ll be sure to check out the packing lists!

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