[travel] Okinawa first impressions

Living on mainland Japan and coming to Okinawa I instantly get an island vibe from the airport. From the Hawaiian style t-shirts to the orchids that line the hallways. What a difference from the concrete jungle of Tokyo. The buildings of course are different because of the tropical atmosphere so the white dirty concrete are so inviting.


The beaches. Are amazing. Talk about enjoying a day laying around and being baked in the sun. Exactly what I did on my first full day. How relaxing and isolated it was. I wish I brought my book, I accidentally forgot it.


It is so hard to get around Okinawa without a car! The public transportation is lacking. A bus is the best way to get around but it is so hard to figure out where you are going. Fortunately, living in Japan makes you an expert in figuring out modes of public transport. So I got on a bus and it took me straight to Naha though it did take me over an hour. Times like these are when you wish you had rented a car!


*pictures taken on my trusty iPhone 4S.

More on Okinawa later. Time to go to an izakaya and eat some pig face!

cheers and happy traveling.

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