[food] dinner in Okinawa.






What a beautiful restaurant! Sitting next to a zen garden as you eat delicious food.

I ordered Goya (bitter melon) and pork, Orion beer, mozuku (slippery seaweed), Yagi sashimi (raw goat) and shekwasa (if a lime and an orange made a baby) cocktail.

Yagi sashimi was interesting, it was tough to eat since its muscle and fat but there is also a layer of skin still attached, which surprisingly was the best part. A little crunchy and chewy. It was enjoyed with a dip in soy and vinegar with some raw onion. It helped that it was it thinly cut like sashimi. Would I eat it again? Yup.

The dinner ended with Goya tea along with Sanshin (three stringed traditional instrument) and Okinawan singing.

It was a delight. Truly a great night enjoyed by my lonesome. The atmosphere really did add to my dinner. I hate eating alone. I think food tastes better with company, but I also learned that in order to go where you want to go, you can’t wait for other people. Just go.

A dinner worth every penny.

More information on this restaurant when I get ahold of a computer.

For now……cheers and happy traveling!

*pictures taken on my trusty iPhone 4S!

7 responses to “[food] dinner in Okinawa.

  1. “In order to go where you want to go, you can’t wait for other people. Just go.”- I really, really love this line and agree with it myself! I think this is true for so many things in life- what you want to do, where you want to do, etc. Just get out there and do it on your own, and you can still have fun. Great post!

    • Okinawa is great! I still want to have a couple more weeks here but I leave on Sunday! So much to see even though it is a cluster of small islands! Be sure to try to catch it next time!

      • I’m trying to plan a trip back to Japan this spring, I truly miss living there. Maybe I’ll somehow pop Okinawa into the itinerary! 🙂

      • You should look into the cheap flights through one of the airlines for domestic flights. I think as long as you book them before you come to Japan you should be good. For foreigners, the ANA experience Japan fare is only 10,000 yen per ticket anywhere in Japan. (Great deal!)

      • Thanks for the trip! I’ll keep that in mind, although the one thing I really missed out on while living there was riding the shinkansen. I’m hoping to finally catch one for the Osaka-Tokyo portion of my trip!

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