[daily] getting certified in Okinawa

I officially certified as a PADI Open Water scuba diver. We were approaching a typhoon. So let’s just say that the waters were rough. But determined to dive, we went forth with dealing with the waves and current.

Location: Okinawa, Sunabe No. 1

Along with my diving partner, Paul…we had to get our bodies used to breathing only through your mouth, which for me is so unnatural. Paul had a harder time adjusting to the water and breathing……not being a strong swimmer can make you nervous underwater. He also had the disadvantage that he can’t speak or understand Japanese. So I tried my best to translate in and out of the water. Once I got in the water, it really was so relaxing and peaceful. In the underwater world, we as humans have very little control. But it opens up a whole new world to travel in. As people travel on land, I now have to ability to check out the country underwater. Heck yes.


Rough water for a first time dive….


The second day, I couldn’t wait to get in the water. It is such a surreal feeling looking up when you are at the bottom of the ocean floor. We finished off our skills and officially were certified divers.


After a quick lunch at a famous soba restaurant. We did a little shopping while we waited for 1:00. We were going diving with whale sharks. The swells were high and the ocean was rough. But we managed to convince them that we really wanted to go dive. So after a quick video on what NOT to do. We jumped on the boat and headed out. What can I say. These whale sharks were amazingly beautiful and graceful creatures. Such gentle giants, though you have to look out for their tail. I almost got side swiped by one of the tails.

The highlight was being in the middle and having a whale shark approach me. I put my hands up and it glided right above me….I felt the whole length of the whale shark from the mouth to the tail. What a crazy feeling, being under such a giant sea creature.

Swimming towards beautiful whale sharks.


We got certified at Marea Okinawa. They were so nice, picking us up at our hotel and even taking us to a great restaurant. Highly recommend them.

*underwater pictures where taken by GoPro2 with the dive housing.

What great respect for ocean you gain.

cheers and happy traveling.



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