[travel] China Photo Diary

Who] Me and my friends…..Flormina, Calene and Norma

What] A two week spring vacation to China, hitting only the major spots

Where] China: Beijing, Xi’an, Shanghai, Zhouzhuang and Tongli in that order.

When] March 24 – April 7  2012

Why] Why not?

We randomly talked together over doughnuts at Mister Doughnut in Yokosuka about traveling. When my friend Flormina mentioned China, Calene and I both started talking about how it was on our list of places we wanted to go. We all decided that if we wanted to go we would have to go during spring vacation from school (Calene and I work as teachers in Japan)…..so that night I looked up tickets and within a week we booked our flights!

Our adventure started in Beijing and we left China in Shanghai. What a difference from Japan.

My personal reflection on China: A beautiful place to visit and a must one many travelers list. It has so much history at the foundation of such a vast country. Because it is so big, it is hard to summarize how I felt about China simply because there is so much more to see. The big cities are hard on any traveler if you are not ready for the culture that some with it. It’s hard to get used to people spitting, peeing, and pushing you when you are so used to the politeness of Japan. But overall, would I go back? YES! I want to see the rest of it. The beauty I didn’t get to see. If you go, please get your mind prepared for the pushing and don’t hesitate to stand your ground. And I wouldn’t wear open toed shoes……people spit/pee from all directions.  The days out of the big cities were such a nice breath of “fresh” air! I recommend going to Xi’an and the canal towns from Shanghai if you do make a trip and only include the big cities. A change of pace was much needed for me.

cheers and happy traveling


feel free to ask me questions about my trip.


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