[photo] Ink Addiction

My friend Ryu, owns a tattoo shop that he runs out of his house. Ryu is a unique guy, speaks Japanese, English and Spanish. Such a cool down to earth guy and has a great heart.

Tattoos are still considered taboo in Japan. The younger generation is slowly changing the idea of tattoos as art but it is still far from freely showing off their tattoos because of the connection that the yakuza (Japanese gangs) has with tattoos. If you happen to come to Japan and are beautifully covered in tattoos big or small, you may be denied access to bath houses (onsen).

My old roommate Fernando and I decided that we should throw a tattoo party at our house. This was the outcome.

Great company, great tattoos, great times.

To contact the tattoo artist, Ryu Namiki. Ink Addiction: Yokosuka 

Independent and exclusive tattoo artist with 13 years of experience.

– Provides great work at great prices.
– I work in sterile conditions in my private studio.
– Speaks English, Japanese and Spanish

– Willing to pick you up at train stations in the Yokosuka area or in front of the Yokosuka Naval Base for appointments.

cheers and happy traveling.



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