[travel] Thailand

Who] Me and my travel buddy Tauna

What] Part 1 of a three week trip to 4 different countries.

Where] Bangkok, Chiang Mai

When] July 30 to August 6, 2011

Why] Why not?

I found my traveling buddy from my company facebook page. I have never met her before but it seemed like she had a pretty good idea of where she wanted to go and I was more than happy to join her. We were looking at a 3 week trip visiting 4 countries. Thailand was up first. We had a lot in common, both young, female, English teachers from Japan, from the great Northwest (me, Washington…her Oregon) and this was our first time traveling ‘alone’.

After a few Skype chats and phone calls we were locked down in tickets and a meeting place. We first met at BKK International airport. Then our adventure began….with sleeping in the airport for our first night.

We also decided to couch surf. And what a great decision it was. We met our first couchsurfer, Chocky in Bangkok. She was so hard to get in contact with, considering it was an early morning, we didn’t know how to work the pay phones, the taxi driver had no idea where to go except drive in a circle. But eventually we figured things out and it was great. We also couch surfed in Chiang Mai. They were four roommates, Will, Elise, Nick and Ian. All of them were English teachers in Thailand. Once we got there, they let us into their spacious home and pointed us in the direction of fun.

Highlights of the trip were, Muay Thai in Bangkok. I personally love martial arts and being in ringside and watching the sport was exhilarating. I was surprised that we stayed until the last fight. Laughing and running in the rain at Wat Arun. We got soaking wet. Renting out a moped for the day. Which I highly recommend. Just don’t run into oncoming traffic….oops. Spending time with elephants. Eating on the side of the street for 50 cents. And the company and friends we made along the way.

cheers and happy traveling,


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