[travel] Finding Seoul 1

This is a series of entries in my travel journal from my first solo travel experience.

JULY 30, 2012 

Today is the day. In about 6 hours I will be on board a plane that will take me to Seoul. Excited? Most definitely. But I am also scared. This will be my first trip by myself out in the world.

The flight to Seoul is only 2 hours long. Which means that I will be there soon. Eeek! How exciting! My backpack is full….but really I barely have any clothes in it. Its surprising how much room your underwear and socks take up. But as I packed, I took out half of the clothes out. I think I did a lot better than my last trip (China). But this time I am going for twice as long and to two different countries/climates. So,sorry in advance for all the photos that will have me in the same clothes over and over again.

… Last minute packing, printing, syncing of the ipod. I am off to Seoul.

cheers and happy traveling


JULY 31, 2012

So here I am at Link Come Inn Guesthouse in exciting Seoul.

It has been great since I first walked in. Justin, the owner of the place has been extremely helpful and nice. He even went out to dinner with us and helped us pick out street food. This hostel has been the best that I have been to so far. Its location is hard to beat for any young traveler. It is located in Hongdae, a prime party district which is also close to Hongik University. For you Seattleites, think of it as Belltown and The Ave combination but hyped up on steroids. For sure, the streets come alive at night but this morning at 9:00am……it was dead. So now I am about to wake up my fellow hostel roomie, Chris from Canada so we can venture off into the heart of Seoul to see what we can find.

One thing I noticed about Seoul is that the girls don’t wear heels. Everywhere in Japan, the girls are always sporting some sort of heel…..even the grandmas do. Main difference in fashion that I saw so far.

Anyways, off I go.

cheers and happy traveling.


The streets of Hongdae


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