[daily] goals. 2013

Happy New Years lovely.

sparklers on NYE

sparklers on NYE

I hope you enjoyed a safe and happy new year celebration. I got the chance to go to a killer Couchsurfing party in Fitzroy. A huge international crowd always calls for a good time. The fireworks were great. I wish I took my camera with me, but it was a bit too crowded for an steady shots. So anyways, here are my fabulous goals for the new year. I never thought about them until now.

1. I decided that I am going to try to capture my life in pictures for the next new year. one picture along with a small caption, note, message, poem, movie line…etc. to go along with it. Let’s make sure that I keep up with it. Along with my regular…random posts.

2. Also along with this being one of my goals for 2013. I have decided to go vegetarian mostly for health reasons, I feel like the body needs a good cleansing from all the crap we feed into our bodies. But I am allowed one meat meal every two weeks. I was going to push it to once a month….but in all honesty, I’m a carnivore. My goals are going to be set at a pace where I think I can keep up.

3. Go back home! Watch out Seattle…..I’m coming home!…….eventually. You read it here first! Sometime during the summer months of 2013, I will be getting a jet plane and headed towards Seattle.  Which leads to….

4. …Get an apartment with Kyle! I think 3 years of long distance is enough time that we can move in together now…haha. But I’m going to be hitting up craigslist once I get home!

That’s all for now. Time for some sleep.

cheers and happy traveling.



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