[daily] day 10: nightwalk

So today was another day of walking around town with my ‘CV’ (resume) and handing it out to all the places I wouldn’t mind working in. 

I followed a ladybug today….until it went into someone’s garden. It’s the little things that you don’t realize when you are too busy with life. 

The World.

 I also got to go out to dinner with a friend of mine. Her name is Nani. She is amazing. Here is why… 

She let me stay at her house when I first moved to Melbourne. For a week! 

She is a tiny ball of fire. So much fun to be around and so easy going. 

She is a ridiculously good artist. 

She is a slight hoarder…of clothes. Her closet is extensive. 

You should definitely check out her site. designani

We went around after dinner for a walk and ended up with these pictures. 



After listening to great street artists. [this city is filled with incredible artists of all sorts ] We called it a night. 

Wish me luck on tomorrows trial run with the cafe! 

cheers and happy traveling. 



3 responses to “[daily] day 10: nightwalk

  1. You’re such a sweetheart!!! I read my name in this post!!!! *blushed also nose picking in the same time*

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