[daily] day 13: Thanks dirty bird.

Thank you dirty bird (Red Robin). You taught me a lot about serving in the restaurant industry. You dirty birds don’t know of “good” you have it, sure it’s not great but its good.

Dirty Birds at the Dirty Red Hen

Dirty Birds at the Dirty Red Hen

The training is superb at Red Robin. You get all the knowledge you need to start off on the right foot. The people…are usually great (depends but at my location…it was great). Sure the tests are more intense then your AP bio test in high school, but you had to actually study for your job. You knew ish.

My Cassie.

My Cassie.

The food is good. Not great but good. You can send it out and usually it doesn’t come back. Sure the back of house screw up a few times on each shift, but usually the managers can take care of it. Let’s be unbridled people.

My other Kyle

My other Kyle

You have support on the floor, even if it doesn’t feel like it. The bussers come out of no where (usually), managers can be found with a little hunting, and the kitchen will start moving after a few more yells. At least you have someone to go to so you can either yell or complain about it.

At my goodbye party

At my goodbye party

I am so glad that I know what a restaurant should run like. I refuse to get screwed over.

I started just recently in a “Japanese” restaurant. Not only are we the servers/hosts but we are also the busser, prep, dish washer, bartender, and janitor. Screw that. I am not working my tail off that much for LESS than the Australian minimum wage.  Oh and there is no training. So tomorrow, I am off looking for work again.

Thanks dirty bird. You’ve been good. The people….even better. Long life friends were made for sure. So thanks.

cheers and happy traveling.


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