[daily] day 15: Proud

I am proud to be Japanese. I refuse to lower my standards and that is part of the Japanese blood that runs through my veins.

As you know, I got a job at a ‘Japanese’ restaurant. One of my interview questions was…”Do you speak Chinese?”….I said no…I speak Japanese. Then she said…”Oh, well only one person speaks Japanese here.”

This resturant is not run by Japanese people, which is fine. I get it. There was one Japanese person other than me and that was the sushi chef.

These people worked me hard which is fine, I am used to working hard. But the pay was 1/3 LOWER than the minmum wage in Australia. Knowing I don’t get paid well for all of my hard work really irritated me.

On top of that, the food was crap. I have pretty high standards when it comes to food in general but for Japanese food, it is on a different level. When you have great ratings on Urbanspoon and other restaurant reviews your food should hold up to my standard. Wrong.

Their okonomiyaki was rubber.

Takoyaki like doughnuts.

Miso soup with mushrooms?

Yakisoba that looks like mush.

Tempura that was pre-fried?

I honestly couldn’t stand working there. So I quit the next day.


Light, crisp tempura

Light, crisp tempura

Clean, beautiful sashimi

Clean, beautiful sashimi

Bitter, fresh goya with pork with a zen garden as a view.

Bitter, fresh goya with pork with a zen garden as a view.

cheers and happy traveling.





2 responses to “[daily] day 15: Proud

  1. Sorry to hear about the job 😦 From my knowledge, I think it is very difficult to get a job in a restaurant that pays at least the minimum wage. Especially for people who come from overseas because they know that they are desperate for a job and can therefore get away with paying the least amount. It’s really bad!

    I really hope you can find something that you’re happy with!

    • It’s ok. It was a second job anyways. I am getting the right amount of hours at my first job. But I thought it would be fun to work at a Japanese Restaurant….boy was I wrong. SO wrong. Getting a decent job isn’t hard but it was a nightmare working there for only 5 hours.

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