[daily] day 19: superman.


In America, the education system is all sorts of screwed up. I think that this documentary proves the strong change that we need to make as a nation. Teachers should not be guaranteed their jobs  if they are not able to effectively teach. Yet, many of the schools in America are stuck with lousy teachers that do nothing to make change.

Please educate yourself about the school systems in America.

DSC01595 DSC02613

I know I have an uphill battle because I plan on becoming a teacher. An effective, game changing, responsible teacher. The moment when I feel like I am not making an impact in these kids lives, I will have to change something I am doing. We are all students of life. You must always keep learning.

I have to thank so many teachers in my life for shaping me into the woman I am today. I know it sounds cheesy but there are certain people that make a clear impact in my life. And that is what I want to do in the future…make an impact.

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