[daily] day 27: boss

What makes a great manager, boss, ‘superior’, supervisor……? One that actually does ish.

Don’t walk around all high and mighty when you haven’t done anything to prove to me that you are worth my respect. Sure, I will give you mutual respect as a human being, but if you are the one in authority ‘over’ me….then you better be damn good at what you/I do.

If you are a tennis coach….you better be good at tennis.

If you are a sandwich artist supervisor…..you better make a mean sandwich.

If you are Red Robin manager…..you better be able to build me a smiling burger along with  being able to handle section one when it is only you on the floor.

Point is….don’t mistake my respect towards you….if you haven’t earned it.

2013-01-24 08.06.21random, but here is the autograph of Goran Ivanisevic on my arm at the Australian Open.  I didn’t have a picture to go along with this post.


cheers and happy traveling,


[sorry this is late]

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