[daily] day 48: Macklemore.

Last night at The Forum in Melbourne, Seattle artist Macklemore & Ryan Lewis came into town. They showed Melbourne how to really get amped up for a show.

The Forum

The Forum

2013-02-16 19.57.27

2013-02-16 19.59.02

The doors opened at 8:00 for the 18+ show. Opening act was around 8:30. I tried to befriend my other concert goers, turns out that the people around us were babies.  As in….still in high school. Yikes.

2013-02-16 20.18.22

2013-02-16 20.20.28

I went with a guy from CS (couchsurfing), but we soon got separated since I squeezed myself near the front. After the opening act, the crowd stood and waited until 10, when Macklemore finally made his appearance. But in between that time, things got funky. I was faced with feathers, a head full of feathers. A girl thought it would be awesome to wear a Indian head piece for a concert, not only blocking the view but also tickling everyone’s face that she comes close to.  This isn’t a Kesha concert, get your face glitter and feathers out of my way. Then a few d-bags pushed themselves towards the front. One of them was obviously a few beers in already. They all were double fisting some Coronas, as I over heard one of them say how much he needed to take a leak. Next thing I know, he says that he is taking a leak right now…..next to me….into a bottle. SERIOUSLY? I told him if he was going to throw the bottle, do it away from me and he did…….as it spilled ALL over the floor. Disgusting.

Never wear open toed shoes to a concert unless you want people to step on you and spill unmentionables on your feet…I don’t care how cute your outfit is, it’s dark and no one came to look at you, they are all here for the show.

But now I am two people from being front row and one person away from the rambunctious idiots. The lights go black, the crowd roars, spotlight shines down on Macklemore, epic.

Those are not special effects......it's just an indian head piece that is in my way.

Those are not special effects……it’s just an indian head piece that is in my way.

2013-02-16 23.08.44

I am sorry if I offend anyone, but a lot of the fans from Melbourne are young .  They are only here because his music blew up in Melbourne radio. When he was telling his story about when his “relationship” with alcohol started….there were so many cheers in the crowd. Really? Then he started talking about his relapse…..more cheers…..really? Are you actually listening to what he is saying?  They obviously didn’t know he is an alcoholic and sober.

Walking on hands, a new way to crowd surf.

Walking on hands, a new way to crowd surf.


Ryan Lewis

Ryan Lewis

But my favorite moment of the night was hands down when he started “My Oh My”. An Australian crowd yelling “My Oh My……my city, my city……” Most don’t know he’s from Seattle, they don’t know who Griffey is or Dave Niehaus who the song is dedicated to and they definitely don’t know what KJR is.  It really made me wish that I went to this show in Seattle. Where the people would know all the lyrics to his songs, not just “Thrift Shop” and “Same Love”.

Despite my small hater-ade going on, the show in itself was epic. The energy was great and the flow of the show was solid.  He told the crowd that he wants to move to Melbourne, but we all know that Seattle can never be replaced nor topped. So proud to be from Seattle.

And we danced, and we cried and we laughed and had a really really really good time.

And we danced, and we cried and we laughed and had a really really really good time.

Picture to come later…..my internet is slow…AGAIN. [so come back to look at the pictures from an epic night]

cheers and happy traveling.


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