[daily] day 51: Big Dan.

I had such a nostalgic feeling today. Thinking about our beach house. The beach house where I spent summers eating fresh crab and making beach log rafts. This was also where my Grandpa more known as Big Dan lived. He was a grumpy old man that drank Diet Coke, loved The King [Elvis Presley], always owned one too many cats and loved it when the ‘kids’ [my family] came to visit. 


I was telling my boyfriend how I couldn’t wait to come back to Seattle in the summer, which was perfect timing for some quality time at the beach house. Then I started to think about my late Big Dan, I started googling his radio DJ name, Danny Holiday. I couldn’t remember the exact date when he passed away last year in February. As I google searched his name, his Seattle Times obituary came up. I read along and stopped.

Danny Holiday.

Danny Holiday.




I sat and sobbed as I was still on Skype with my boyfriend.


Today, one year ago….my Big Dan left this Earth.

I can’t believe a year went by so fast. I still can’t believe that in July I won’t be able to see his scruffy beard and be greeted by a loving hug.

He was great. Great at what he did, Rock & Roll. When radio DJs actually had to entertain their audience, he entertained. He knew his Rock & Roll inside and out.

The last time I saw Big Dan at the beach house, the last words he told me was, “You are the third generation of Thygesens that have enjoyed this beach house.” And I plan on bringing my kids to our beach house to enjoy.


Thanks for everything Big Dan. You will not be forgotten. I miss you. I love you.

cheers and happy rock & roll.


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