[travel] day 59: travel.

There are different types of traveling. [these are my definitions]

Great Ocean Road 2012

Great Ocean Road 2012

1. A Trip. A short hop, skip and a jump away. Something that takes a small amount of time, like a weekend. Not too far away from home. Doesn’t take much time, effort or research. Things like a day trip, road trip, camping trip.

Vacation house in Ixtapa, Mexico

Vacation house in Ixtapa, Mexico

2. A Vacation. Relaxed, money spent, lounging time. Pina coladas pool side. Reading your book while sipping your morning coffee. Sleeping in and staying out late.


Eating on the side of the streets in Vietnam.

3. Traveling. Emerging yourself in ones culture. Experiencing the food, people, life. Crunching a lot of things in a short amount or what seems like a short amount of time. Trying to live like a local. This happens when traveling to a place for a month seems like its too short.

Which leads me to a pet peeve of mine. Don’t claim that you are well traveled when you haven’t even left your home country. You are well tripped.

cheers and happy traveling.



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