[daily] day 64: company

You are the company that you keep. So why hold on?

After a long Skype session with one of my friends ‘N’, we got into a conversation about why I don’t reconnect with one of our mutual friends.
When it comes down to it. A friendship is where you give a little and take a little, sometimes a little more in one direction when it needs to be.
There are shitty people in the world and there are legit good people.
I just don’t waste my time with the ones that aren’t solid human beings.
You should be proud of your friends. That these people took time to get to know you and your story and visa versa. But this person that N and I were talking about is an embarrassment. I’m not being harsh but honest. I don’t want this person in my life because this person not only used all of my friends but also can’t man up to their mistakes.
So why hold on to people that only use, abuse and reuse you? For me, it was a part of growing up and realizing that my time and energy is worth a lot.

20130305-221814.jpgSo no, I won’t be reconnecting with this person, I won’t spend my time with this friendship and I don’t really care about their life. This person doesn’t deserve it. But yes, it does make for a good post.

Cheers and happy traveling.

[ps] sorry for the double post today….my computer didn’t post the other one….this internet blows.


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