[daily] day 69: 3-11

3-11. Two years ago a devastating earthquake and tsunami hit Japan. I remember it like it was yesterday. I just taught one of my 3rd graders, I walked down to the teacher’s room and sat down in my chair. A couple minutes later things started to shake.







The feeling of the earth below you swaying under your feet. It is surreal.

After what feels like 10 minutes but in reality it was around 3 minutes.

Devastation. Buildings crumbled, streets separated, people hurt.

On top of more devastating news.

Tsunami hits.

Towns swept away. More than 20,000 people gone.

Today is the day in which we should remember them. To remember that Japan is still in need of help.

Japan, I love you. Stay strong. がんばれ日本

[pictures are taken when I volunteered with Global Knights disaster relief in the Tohoku region]

cheers and happy traveling.



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