[daily] day 70: moomba

Over the long labour day weekend the South Yarra Riverside comes alive. What a great free festival that Melbourne puts out every summer. Carnival rides and games, over priced average food, concerts to wake boarding competitions.

2013-03-10 17.55.33-1


2013-03-10 18.00.45-1

2013-03-10 18.10.04-1

2013-03-10 18.49.09-1

2013-03-10 20.04.27-1

2013-03-10 21.38.17-1

2013-03-10 22.05.26-1


The fireworks are some of the best all year long and the silent disco was amazing. Dancehall  VS  Hip Hop. Great music. So the silent disco is two DJs, without headphones there is no music but once you put on your headphones you can choose which DJ you want to listen to. You can go back and forth with the two DJs and you just dance the night away. It was amazeaballs.

cheers and happy traveling.


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