[daily] day 74: Camp

Went to Wilson Promontory National Park this weekend. It is nice to get out of the city once in awhile.

Things started out rough. Typical huh? I rato the train…..considering I have 4 minutes to catch the next one. But I made it. After a free [we didn’t know we had to buy tickets] 1.5 hour train ride on the Vline we made it to Warragul. Caludia’s friend Jo picked us up and there I found out that we wouldn’t have to rent a car too! Bonus.


We spent one night at the farm where they grow organic apples, pears, plums and peaches. We picked our fair share of fruit for the weekend.

Heading out to Wilsons Promontory around 9:30 landed us there at around 11, setting up camp. Tidal River camp ground was luxurious. Hot showers, plenty of toilets, washer & dryer, gas barbecues, grocery store and cafe. IMG_4042

The clouds were grey, leering over us and threatening us. But we made a quick run to Norman Beach. After 10 minutes, down pouring rain. Rain, rain, rain. Literally soaked to the bone.

campAfter our wet run back to our camp site, we figured out that our tent would not be staying up for the night unless we did some major reconstruction. What seemed like 5 hours later we had a standing tent that withstood the crazy rain and wind that day. Being stuck in the car or the tent because of the rain, we decided that we should see something so we got changed into some dry clothes then headed off.

Squeaky Beach….it gets its name from the sand that has quartz deposits that make the sand squeak every time you step hard on the sand. So much fun. But the rain came down…..and we were soaked for the second time.

We called it quits and ended up drying our clothes in the dryer and watching the rain fall down. Later in the night was the highlight for me. A wombat! A cute little creature that looks like a snuggly pig.

The next day was a beautiful sunny but nippy day. We headed out for Mount Oberon, thinking it was only a 400 meter walk and it was a 3.4 k hike. Ended up with this glorious view.

view from Mt. Oberon

view from Mt. Oberon

IMG_4092 IMG_4098

After our hike, we headed towards Whisky Bay in honor of Saint Patrick’s Day. On our way to Whisky Bay we saw a wallaby!

So this camping trip was a success in my book. I saw a wallaby, a wombat and I got to pick my own fruit that I ate all weekend long.

cheers and happy traveling!



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