[daily] day 78: Congratulations Class of 2013

A huge congratulations to my 6th grade students who graduate from Elementary school today. I miss them so much it brings me to tears. I have had some great times with them. This group of kids were especially hard to work with but also so rewarding. I can’t help but smile when I think about their great success.

To my 6th graders:

You all have such bright futures ahead of you. You have grown up so much in just 3 short years. Don’t stop learning. Make mistakes. Make plenty of mistakes but learn from them. Keep laughing, like the numerous times you made me laugh. Don’t be afraid, take a risk. The outcome might more rewarding than you think. Travel. Travel the World! Learn English and don’t be afraid of the World we live in. Japan is such a small country and the World is so big. Go explore! I only hope that I impacted your lives a little bit. And if I did, I am so happy.



To 6th Graders


3 responses to “[daily] day 78: Congratulations Class of 2013

  1. Ah, I`m so sorry they are leaving you. That sort of thing brings me to tears as well. But you`ve taught them, and now they`ll do well in the bigger world.

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