[travel] day 82: Australian Festival of Travel Writing

So I had the afternoon off today from work. I basically thought I would just hang out in my PJs and make some brekkie [Australian for breakfast for my non-Australian reader]. I surprisingly woke up at around 11 am, which is late for me now. [for my friends from back home know that I used to wake up at 10-11 am…everyday]

Checking all my digital media outlets, I starting talking to my friend Sarah. Now this girl is a great friend to have. Not only is she awesome and someone I really get along with easily, she has connections like none other. She randomly told me that she has free tickets for the Australian Festival for Travel Writing today and tomorrow. Not having to work until 5:30 made it a perfect day time activity. But then of course she tempts me with MasterChef event happening on Lygon Street. Where you can buy different Italian food from 6 MasterChef contestants.

Just got finished watching TopChef Seattle, made me really want to go out and check it out. But when you are still in you PJs at 1:00 pm and the event already started….chances were that I wouldn’t be out of the house in time.

So we decided to meet up for Travel Writing. We walked in, added my name to the list and enjoyed the talks. The first one was By Rob McFarland on Ten Tips for Aspiring Travel Writers. Which taught of how not to screw up and to keep trying, just keep swimming….more of less.

And the last one we caught was The Capital in the World Project. It’s an Italian radio/multimedia travel talk show that goes live where ever they are. Today they are in Melbourne and will be doing their travel show every night at 9 or 10 pm. It was pretty interesting to listen to their point of views on Italian travelers/dreamers and their mission on traveling the world.  I found it pretty similar to Americans and traveling.

A HUGE plus was sitting next to THE Tony Wheeler. Ok…I admit it….I didn’t know who he was until I googled him. But for those that didn’t know like me and Sarah…he and his wife started the thick blue books that most of us refer to. Lonely Planet.

Tomorrow we get to listen to him talk about South East Asia and Travels in Dark Lands.

2013-03-23 17.15.48

Talk about a badass weekend.

cheers and happy traveling.




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