[daily] day 84: Room 4

The same song over and over. Broken record? Nope. Every morning, day, night, one of my roommates plays the same song….over and over. She doesn’t even have it on repeat, she actually plays it…once it stops I hear her reaching over to her laptop to press play again.

Strange. Yes. But even more annoying than anything. This song is accompanied by her singing…which isn’t bad but she doesn’t even sing the lyrics, she just makes noises [which thank goodness are in tune-ish]. With that…she whistles. Can it get any worse? YES.

She also plays this at 9 am (when at times I am still sleeping) or she plays it until 1 am….when we quietly in our rooms trying to get ready for bed. And its not quiet…..we can hear it no matter where you are in the house.

The house calls her number 4. Since lives in room 4. No one has said anything yet about her excessive noise. I plan on saying something and stop being so passive agressive but I don’t see her often. I am usually out and about from the house and she rarely comes out of her room, only to wash herself and eat to grapes by the handful. <- True.


She is also the messiest in the house. Bowls, plate, tupperware, forks, knifes, peanut butter, grapes have all been left on the table for weeks. She leaves them in community areas and she also fills them with water, as if letting dishes soak for 1 week will make it so much easier to clean them. Girl, please.


Also keep your hair ties wrapped with your dirty hair out of the bathroom. Or at least take your hair off of them.

r43That’s enough hate for now. Almost too much. I came home enraged when I saw this not. Left on her stuff, I guess one of the roommates moved her stuff to her section of the community area and she flipped a shit. This is the only table that we share and she takes up a corner with her stuff. No one else has anything on this tabel. Roomie fight coming on.


Oh well.

cheers and happy traveling.



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