My boyfriend bought me these Christian Dior glasses and I am sooo excited to try them on! Plus you can get a great discount on clothes, accessories and shoes on Just by using the RepCode: REDBULL

cheers and happy traveling!

HHSA's Karmaloop Fashion Blog

During the ridiculous winter sales on Karmaloop, I picked up these Christian Dior sunglasses for my beautiful girlfriend.  Each pair made are distinct from one another because of the gold specs inside the frame.  Typically, Christian Dior sunglasses are extremely expensive well above the $250 price range.  These on the other hand I grabbed at a generous discount of 33% off; plus, I got a little extra help from some secret promo codes that were not posted on the site.  Head over to my new arrivals blog for all the current promotions.  By the way, the total price was just over $100 after all the discounts.


Christian Dior Vintage 2557 Sunglasses



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