[food] day 86: brother baba budan

Also known as BBB, Brother Baba Budan brings a depth in the coffee world. Located on Little Bourke Street right across from my work makes it a go to coffee fix when I don’t have time to explore the laneways.


I don’t even think they have a sign outside but you know you have arrived when you see a line out the door or the chairs hanging from the ceiling. This little joint seats about 16 [I think] and about a lot load of take aways. I came here a few times already, take away and sat in for a drink. Both times, the coffee has been nice. But sometimes my lattes have a little bit too much foam on top.

babaI have yet to try their baked goods since they are hidden away above the counter top and usually you don’t even get to see the because it’s too packed inside. Definitely a good spot to try out if you are near Little Bourke/Hardware Lane.

Brother Baba Budan located on 359 Little Bourke Street, Melbourne

Brother Baba Budan on Urbanspoon

cheers and happy sipping.



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