[daily] day 91: Holi

OTD does color. The festival of color. It was intense. Pure color, fun and dancing. What an unbelievable combination.

OTD does Holi

OTD does Holi

Poof goes the color. Everywhere you looked people were throwing colored powder at randoms. Walk by and you were more than likely to get hit/attacked with all the colors of the rainbow.


They played great Indian music, top 40 and everything you could move your body to. Food was authentic and fairly reasonably priced. Every was in the mood to celebrate. Once we were caked with colored powder, we took a few breaks from the crowd and eventually started our hour trek back home.

Before and After

Before and After

During the festival, everyone was covered in color. Once you got on the train home…you got stares. Some smiled at us while others looked upon us with disgust. We just laughed it off. But we were still in a pack of 4. The wolf pack dwindled down one by one as Nam stepped off the train in the middle of the CBD [downtown]. Next it was me.


I walked off the train and being the only one covered head to toe in color, I walked briskly to my house. I felt like a strange umpa lumpa strolling down the street. You can’t really miss a pink/orange faced girl weaving her way through mid day foot traffic. Embarrassing. But at least I know that I had an awesome day.

cheers and happy traveling.



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