[travel] day 92: Robbed.

I guess people who travel have stories like this or similar.

I am still in complete shock! Did this really just happen? What?

I am sitting in the Fitzroy Police Station waiting. My friend Sarah and I had a great night out. She convinced me to go out and enjoy a few bands play out in Collingwood. I went. We enjoyed a pint of Orion beer for $11 and really got into the music.rob

After an awesome night of live bands. We stepped on the tram that was going to take us one stop away. I convinced Sarah to sit near the back where there were more seats. Little did we know that that exact decision would lead to this. Sarah took her arms off her bag and set it next to her. Boom. The coward in the hoodie grabbed her bag and ran off the tram. We chased after him. The only thing that came out of Sarah’s mouth was, “NOOOO…..my passport is in there.” Oh shizzel. He had a getaway car tailing the tram. He jumped in the backseat.

[The car was a 4 door sedan, burgundy red trailing behind the 86 tram going towards the city in Collingwood] 

She leaped halfway into the back window, the guy hit her in the face and the car started to go, the car dragged her around the corner into an alleyway and she finally let go. I thought she was stuck….I thought she was going to get dragged all the way until they let her go. It. was. frightening.

Two guys helped us out. They saw what happened. They called the police. And the police came within minutes. Everything got recorded and then we got sent to the police station where Sarah got photographed and statements were taken.

The only thing important that was in the bag was her passport and ipod touch. Her money which is what they were probably after was in her pocket.


What a night. I spent it in the backseat of a police car and at the police station.

Lesson learned: no matter where you are in the World, never get too comfortable. There are always shitty people and they do shitty things and sometimes its on you. 

cheers and keep you shit safe.


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