[daily] day 93: setting up house.

There comes a time in your life when you feel like you want to sit in a place for awhile. I’ve been on the go for the last 3 years of my life. Sure, it’s pretty short compared to the life I have live thus far but it is a small chunk of it. I have been pretty happy traveling around the World. Something that I have to keep reminding myself that not may people do and not many of my friends do.

But after all of this, I still have the urge to have a ‘home’ base. But where is home? Home is where the heart is. But my heart is all over the world! What do I do now?

sea 1My heart is mainly in Seattle and where ever Kyle is. I am so ready to start up house. I’ve started looking at furniture, home decor and even apartments. My friends think I’m crazy.

I get pretty excited for the future more than I do the present/the near future. This is a bad trait of mine, at least I think so. I like to plan the future because it is so gosh darn exciting. While the present is unknown and can change on you at any moment, the future can’t do that because you can only dream about the future.

Craigslist is getting a lot of my time as well as Pinterest, hours late into the night. I admit, I am a huge dreamer. Thinking about what will happen and what I want to happen.


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