[daily] day 96: sorrys

Sorry things have been late lately. I have been working a lot at Little Ramen Bar. Things are going great. We have amazing reviews on Urbanspoon as well as a lot of blog posts and feedback.

For a place only open for a month, we have been doing great. I have been working almost every day lunch and dinner, coming back at around 10-11 pm. By then I am so tried to do anything. I usually stare at my computer until I finally figure out something to watch and then crawl into bed.
Lame, but making money for traveling is a must. 2013-04-08 20.30.07


I also got really excited about walking out of dinner service with $20 in tips. Now, for my Americans, that is pretty lame. Being used to walking with sometimes up to $200+ in tips, you are shocked when all you see are 5 cent pieces in your tip jar. BUT….you are working with $15-25 an hour instead of a small $8.75. So overall, it’s a win. You are guaranteed money, instead of basing it off what “guests” feel you deserve.

Restaurants in America make so much money since they get to pay minium wage for all of their employees.  I think tipping now is lame…..I don’t get it. I mean I get it but your employer doesn’t pay you the right wage you deserve but the people that come eat there should be the ones paying you? Wack. I don’t look forward to giving 20% to anyone back home. And if you get 20% out of me…..you really deserved it.

cheers and happy traveling.




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