[food] day 95: basic bites.

On Hardware lane there is a new little place called Basic Bites. And for me, it bites. Their concept is bringing the healthy back to eating.

There were multiple things wrong with this spot.

My sandwich was hard to eat, kept falling all over the place.

The cucumber was flimsy and old.

Their menu is hard to read for vegetarians, since there is no sign that shows you which ones are your option. They are all mixed in with the rest of the sandwiches.

Water wasn’t given to me. I never asked, I was wondering if they would take notice.

Dirty dishes around me even when there were 3 people behind the counter not doing anything.

I did catch them around closing time but that doesn’t excuse any of the problems I dealt with.

The sauce I had on the sandwich was tasty and had a little kick to it.

2013-04-03 15.41.22

$9.50 for this?


But overall, the only reason I ate the whole thing was because I was starving. It’s hard to recommend this place when there are so many great spots near Hardware Lane. Skip it.

Basic Bites on Urbanspoon

cheers and happy traveling.




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