[daily] day 103: Cooking competition

Spend a day with my beautiful friends and a cooking competition. 


  1.  Bring 2 ingredients 
  2. Teams of two 
  3. Pick 5 ingredients 
  4. Race to the table to grab your ingredients. 
  5. Once it is picked up, you can’t use it. [no sharing ingredients] 
  6. Onions, garlic, condiments are for free use. 
  7. Two teams cook at the same time 
  8. One team member at a time cooking…..15 mins each 
  9. The two teams face off while the other team members grade the dish on a scale of 1-10. 
  10. Overall highest score wins the ultimate Cook off. 

I got teamed up with a guy named Dari. I had no idea if he could cook or not. I went first in our team to cook. We got an African spice mix, topokki, tomatoes, bread and feta stuffed olives. After getting it all ready for Dari to take over. This was our finished dish. 


Our dish is on the top and our competition on the bottom.

And we won the whole competition! Our dish was delicious! We celebrated with an awkward fist bump/high five at the same time. 


After the boys left, the girls finished the night with some ice cream straight from the tub and some fine chocolate. Perfecto. 

cheers and happy traveling! 


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