[food] day 105: how to eat ramen

2013-04-23 21.08.17



How to eat ramen:

  1. Eat it while it’s hottttt!!! 
  2. DO NOT wait for the other ramen to get there if you are in a group.
  3. SLUUUURRRRRP! Slurp your noodles and soup! Make noise! The noise you make compliments the ramen chef on how good their ramen is!
  4. Sweat and wipe that runny nose! It is supposed to be eaten fast and while it is piping hot!
  5. Drink the soup! Loose the spoon and grab the bowl with your hands and drink your soup from the bowl!
  6. Finish the whole bowl if you can! The soup is just as important as the noodles!
  7. Finished? Get out!!!! Ramen is a fast food in Japan. Get in, eat, get out! No need to sit around, get on with your day!!

cheers and happy traveling!



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