[daily] day 118: in one year

In one year where would you be? January 1st to January 1st a lot can happen. Will I be a vegetarian (kinda) still? Will I keep blogging? Will I keep traveling?

Being vegetarian. People that are closed minded tell me I’m not. Well ya, I’m not completely but I’m doing the best I can and that’s better than anything they are doing. And it’s a personal thing for me not a title that goes with my name. Like my name is Mao and I’m vegetarian.
It’s more like hello, my name is Mao and I’m trying to be as good of a vegetarian as I can but I’m giving myself two meat meals a month because I know myself better than you and this is how I would be able to accomplish my goal for a year to cleanse my body from 26 years of eating meat so if you have something negative to say, go bite yourself.
But eating less meat is better for the environment and also better for you wallet. So glad I know I can live without meat and survive. Kyle and I will get into clean eating when I get back…

It’s been hard to keep up with blogging that’s for sure. Everyday you can come home tired or my have Internet connection. Excuses are lame but I feel like I have plenty of them for my lack of blogging lately. Sorry. But boy, am I catching up now as I sit by the Ahuriri river in New Zealand in a camper van with a French girl & German boy. There is no wifi connection but once I have one….get ready for all of these posts to get on the site.

Traveling is an addiction I will never kick. I want to instill the need to travel into my kids. I hope they are going to places and seeing things I only dreamt of. What can I say….ticket prices for me are like the newest fashion accessory but mine comes with memories and connections no purse can offer me.

But for now.
Here I am, chilling in a van.
Gotta say this is the first time that I am keeping up with my resolutions.

Cheers and happy traveling

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