[Travel] Day 124: riverside

We slept by the river last night. The rushing water was soothing and I had the chance to get back on track with my posts! Wooowhoo! Free camping. But I’ve gone 5 days without a shower now. I took a small wash in the river but it hardly counts as a shower. I’ve also lowered my other grooming standards, haven’t plucked my eyebrows, brushed my hair or put my night cream on. And it’s alright. The price you pay for a once in a life time experience.

My travel mates. One girl is from France. Traveling because she didn’t want to stay in France as an architect. And she is headed to Australia afterwards. The other is a German boy, traveling before his uni studies. He started in South America and has made his way to New Zealand.
They are a quieter group than I am used to traveling with but it’s alright.
I’ve been feeling a little reserved lately. Don’t know why. Even a little grumpy. I haven’t had that captivating moment with New Zealand yet. I think it has to do with the lack of interaction with actual New Zealanders. I’ve been on he road but the small chances I have to talk to them, they have been nothing but lovely.

Something’s missing. I will find it before I leave. Promise.

Cheers and happy traveling.




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