[travel] day 127: Milford sound

Good morning Lake Te Anau. It was super cold last night and it was the first time all of us went for a potty break before the morning came. Felt like that was an awkward first for us.
The stars at night are amazing but it still doesn’t compare to the Mongolian nights in August last year.
This morning we headed up the Milford Sound highway which leads to none other than Milford Sound. We stopped along most of the side shows along the way and our last event was going to be a 3 hour hike to lake Marian. Stopping briefly at Mirror lake, Eglington Valley, before making our way to Lake Marian. It was already mid day, meaning it would be a hike to the lake for a quick look then heading back before dark.
I felt like I was on a hike with two bunny rabbits because they just sped through the hike. I took a slower pace and was playing catch up. It was a good hike through forest that look similar to Washington state hikes. Reminded me of home and it also made me miss home. After a sweaty cold hike we made camp at Lake Gunn.

Cheers and happy traveling






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