[travel] day 129: Queenstown

A beautiful almost non rainy day in New Zealand. Woke up 11 km away from Queenstown to shining sun and snow capped mountains. A quick skip and a jump we were in Queenstown.

Small and quaint but the second largest city in the South Island. A relaxing go nowhere day. Went on a search for free wifi. Maccas (mcDonald’s) in town didn’t even have wifi. So who comes and saves the day? None other than Mrs. Starbucks.

A short fresh drip coffee in hand, a wifi passcode and on the net we went. We spent most of the day there. Connecting on and off the net.

The town was lovely, small streets and plenty was small shops. Even a Louis Vuitton!!!!! Though I think it is geared more towards the Asian tourists. I don’t think I saw a single LV purse around. All of us got a little of alone time do explore the town and it was exactly what we needed. A full week together jammed in the front of the van isn’t fun all the time. Especially when you are sitting in the middle.

We went on towards Wanaka at 3 ish some horrible strong winds but clear sunny mountain ranges. As we got closer to Wanaka, the grey gloom awaited us over the mountains. boo. Got to our campsite by 5 and dinner by 6:30, bed by 9:30.

Cheers and happy traveling





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