[travel] day 131: fox & franz Joseph

What a day. I guess every journey has a point like this when one person or more breaks down. Today was that day. In the morning we were hit with the news that someone wanted to leave our trip early. The idea was that the two of us left would pay for the rest of the van. NOT happening. So we all had the morning to ponder this new idea into our heads. A silent ride to Fox Glacier and an awkward morning coffee in the town afterwards lead to the pink giant elephant in the room…..what are we going to do.

A quite clear conversation later where everyone got to spill out what they thought. I personally thought that it would be a very shitty thing for someone to jump ship when the other two depended on them for their share of the cost. We started this trip together and you need to pay for the rest of the trip or stick with it or find a replacement. I was not about to let someone ruin my budget for this trip and screw me over just because they can’t sleep in a campervan.

BUT we worked it all out and the three of us are out in the middle of nowhere not killing each other! Hooray!

Places visited:

Fox glacier
Franz Joseph glacier
Gillespies beach
Peak view point
Saw some glow worms
MacDonald’s creek campsite

We also killed a hawk today. I guess zebra was hungry… 😦

Cheers and happy traveling





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