[travel] day 133: heaphy track

A good day hike for 6 hours. The weather was perfect. Crisp and cool yet sunny so you had nice breaks of sunshine and shade.

We began our trek to Heapy Hut which was just the beginning of the 3 day trek. You walk across a river and along the western coast line. The only way to see this part of New Zealand would be to trek or mountain bike. So the natural beauty along heapy track is pure.

New Zealand has done a brilliant job keeping its nature as pure as possible. There are heaps of natural, scenic reserves to keep the masses of human contact minimal. May seems like the perfect month to come too. Not too many tourists on the road as well as not too many sand flies biting you.

The walk was quite relaxed. Not many uphill battles considering it can be done with a bike, the trail is pretty level. But the coastline is pristine. Only a few footprints/tyre marks in the sand along with the fresh ones you leave behind. The track is dotted with palm trees, makes you feel like you are in California.

We stopped at Heapy hut in order to eat our lunch, lingered awhile on the beach to collect our thoughts and have some alone time then back we went.

I decided that it was time to “shower” myself. Which meant a quick scrub down in the nearby river, refreshing but mighty chilly. Then another meal of pasta…..oh the carbs.

Cheers and happy traveling





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