[travel] day 134: Heapy track [2]

Night two at Heapy track, we decided since we drove for ages to get here that we might as well make it a good two night stay. After brekkie and a little lounging around the beach, we headed out on the road again.

We missed our first stop, Oparara Arch, so after a quick U turn, swerving down a steep gravel road, we were there. There is a modern information area right before the hike and clean bathrooms which is a super plus.
A short hike in dense rain forest, with tall fern trees, fuzzy moss covered trees, amber colored river and crystal clear ponds we were at the mouth of the cave.

Limestone caves that are in height.
We also did the Maiiri Gate Cave hike. Both caves were amaze-balls.

Now this is where Ish got interesting. Another personality dispute. We climbed into the car. And the next ‘big’ town we were in….one of us jumped ship. It wasn’t me….obviously because I would never let anyone else ruin my trip. So the three of us became two.

We didn’t let that damper our time and soon we were off again. Some more shopping and gas, we went to see a colony of seals. We ate our huge salads by the sea to even out all the carbs we have been eating and called it an early night.

Cheers and happy traveling.



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