[travel] day 135: mud house

A lazy morning, brekkie in our sleeping bags. We stayed in a campsite that had a brick pizza oven….there was even a pizza paddle there for free use. Strange or genius? Anyways, we headed out today with no set plan at all. The objective was to drive towards ChCh. Alright.

Along the way there were some hot springs. Perfection! A chance for us to have a proper shower and shave. Reading a little more in my handy lonely planet….it is a Japanese style bathhouse! Even more perfect. So we stopped as excited as can be. $20 for free use of the hot springs…. So we decided to splurge and enjoy. ( $6 for a towel)

Since it is off season for everything in New Zealand, the bathhouse was empty. I got to sink in and enjoy my own private onsen…..at least for the majority of the time. Two other ladies in bathing suits came for a quick dip but left about 5 mins after. Oh the smell of sulfur and relaxation.

They have hot springs outside too….as long as the sand flies don’t get you, it can be relaxing. I suggest going early in the morning when the temperature is still cold.

After our nice soak, the zebra died for a little bit today. We left the lights on. After a jump from the nice guy enjoying his coffee inside, the zebra came back to life.

Going on from our no worries day plan, visiting a winery was next. After failing twice at two different places, we were point towards Mud House Winery.

A huge charismatic house with an inviting charm along the highway makes for a good and easy stop. $5 and around 20 samples of wine later we were feeling good.
Coffee at the cafe and directions to a good restaurant off we went.

Venison was on the menu tonight. And we are it close to raw. A great finish to our carefree day.

Cheers and happy traveling





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