[travel] day 136: chCh airport

A night at Christchurch airport. But before this we had a relaxing drive into ChCh. Early morning and thanks to Lonely Planet, I found a cafe that serves delish coffee as well as having a laundromat. Perfection for any dirty traveler. Get to Addington Coffee Co-Op for a good cup and its organic too. Win win.
Sat down with my cup of joe and free wifi while my dirty clothes were getting a wash.
Relaxed and wired, next stop was the the e-zi wash. For Zebra to get a nice scrub and vacuum. A lot of garbage later she was shiny and fresh.
Stopped in at Wicked to give her a goodbye. She got us around for 3,147 km. what a champ.

Afterwards with our lives on our backs we walked to the re:Start shopping area (one of the first shops to open back up after the quake out of shipping containers) to sit down for more coffee and wifi. This time at Hummingbird Coffee.

Headed towards the airport via city bus. $7.50 one way. Expensive considering it is a public bus.

Got told at the Airport that they don’t have their wifi working and that they are closing off parts of the airport where you can sleep for fire tests. Hopefully they don’t kick me out tonight. 6 am flight….check in 3 hours before….3 am…..there is no way I am getting a room for one night because they are doing fire tests.

They kicked us out. Closed 12-3…..means we are out in the cold from 12-3…..freaking a. Screw you ChCh airport for having check in times at 3 am and not letting the people stay until their check in. Now at a Maccas that closes at midnight too….at least they have wifi.

Cheers and happy travels.



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