[travel] day 137: Sydney

Boy, was it a ridic journey to get here. I am tired.
I took my sweet sweet time to get into the city. No hurries today. Spent time to readjust my pack, put some makeup on (its been two weeks since I opened up my makeup bag), go from three bags to two, recharge my phones, skype with Kyle, eat chocolate cake at 9 am, call the Sarah, get more credit on my phone, find the train, and get on my way.

Finally away from the airport and sitting in a Hardware Lane style coffee shop. No wifi but good food and coffee, I’ll take it. Single Origin Roasters on Reservoir Road. Enjoyed a tasty lunch, everything was good except for the eggplant….that was way too bitter for even me to eat. Also dropped my pack off at the information center in Central Station for $10. But at least my shoulders are free from pain.

It’s funny how fast you realize that you are in a big city again. People making crazy faces at you, drunks, cars and litter.

Now just waiting for a high school friend to pick me up. Strange how even though we haven’t really talked in ages, connections like these will help you when you travel.





Cheers and happy traveling

Ps. This is where I slept last night.



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