[travel] day 139: sydney [3]

Today was a lot of figuring out the next trip…Cairns/Bali….so much work when other people are depending on you for their travel needs. That’s why traveling solo takes all the complex arranging out the window.

After giving up on confirming a roof over our heads, we (Jeff and I) went off to the Sydney Opera House. Crowded like ants on sugar…..we weaved ourselves around. Not bad. Quite an amazing thing, a world wide icon of Australia. After a few snaps of the camera we boarded another ferry.

Over to Double Bay for some good lunch and walked around a bit. Traveling by ferry is relaxing peaceful way to getting from place to place, I quite enjoy it.

*traveling tip* buy the My Multi ticket. Gets you ferry, bus, train services for a week for only $44!

Cheers and happy traveling!




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