[travel] day 142: Cairns

Getting in at 10 am. There is no public transportation from the airport to the CBD (downtown)….what’s up with that? Via shuttle…($20 for a round trip) dropped off at the Corona Backpackers at 11:30. Not too shabby. Check in, get my room. 4 dorm room, grab the top bunk..I hate listening to people shuffle around in their bed above me.

Tiger, you cheap ass.

Tiger, you cheap ass.

Mush on a plate.

Mush on a plate.

Trying to fit in with the ozzies.

Trying to fit in with the ozzies.

Lazy day, trying to find some people to hang out with, found a girl from Scotland and a guy from Australia. Shopping at Wolly’s (Woolworth’s…a Safeway) and free dinner aka a mushy tasteless spaghetti. Night market aka….a Japanese tourist trap.

Cairns has a different vibe than any other city in Australia that I have been to.  A lot more laid back and more like a lazy/party Mexican town. Which is a nice change from the big city of Sydney.


cheers and happy traveling.



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