[travel] day 143: Great Barrier Reef

I decided to take advantage of the weather on Thursday so I jumped on this boat with Down Under cruise & dive. I was originally planning on doing a liveaboard trip for 2 days 1 night….but it works out around the same amount for two day trips out to the reef and at two totally different locations. 

Out in front.

Out in front.

I met a guy named Adam. He was from Canada and also a fellow certified diver. Little did I know that there would only be 6 divers. The other 90 people would be doing their “1st dive” or just snorkeling. Yikes.

So we were surrounded by a lot of first time divers. Meaning a lot less time and attention to you since you are certified.

Snorkelers with a barracuda

Snorkelers with a barracuda

2013-05-23 15.02.44

So who is the genius that packs their GoPro diving housing in a box that they shipped back home….me. Who is the one that realizes this on the boat towards the Great Barrier Reef? Me. I can’t believe it. So I just dive with my GoPro with no idea what my footage would look like.

The first dive we did, we hired a guide to go with us for $10 each diver. The first dive was Norman Reef. He got us around no problems. We saw grey reef sharks and white tip reef sharks, a couple of nemos, giant clams and a friendly Wally.

The second dive I did was at North Hasting Reef. Here we saw a green sea turtle, lion fish, barracuda, heaps of parrot fish and plenty of sea cucumbers.


Out in the Big Blue

Out in the Big Blue

2013-05-23 15.02.44

This boat was a great option if you aren’t a certified diver. But the spots they take you are more for snorkelers and not for divers.  But it was still good and exciting since I am not an experienced diver and didn’t want to challenge myself too much.

A sunny happy day at the reef.

Bucket list #123 checked off.  🙂

cheers and happy traveling.


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