day 146: Great Barrier Reef [2]

6:45 pick up from our hostel for a shuttle bus towards Port Douglas. We went out diving towards Agincourt Reef. Diving at 3 different locations. Impressive? Yes….but amazing? Ya….sort of. I guess when you think of the Great Barrier Reef you just assume everything to be super colorful and full of gorgeousness. Ya, it was good but I feel like there are better dive sites out there for me to explore.


This dive boat was called Poseidon and at a hefty price of $275 for shuttle, 3 certified dives, boat, guides and food. An extra $6 for the reef tax.  Expensive.

But this boat was heaps better than the last one. Considering there were only about 30 other people on the boat instead of 90.  A lot more personal attention when we were diving and the best part we didn’t have to fight to get some food. The dive instructors were cute….also a plus.


The ride out to the reef was ChOpPy….just like that. We were flying. We didn’t take our motion sickness pills before we boarded the boat…but right when we got on the boat…maybe a little bit too late since both of us weren’t feeling good but not enough for us to really barf it up.


After our first dive we felt so much better. And it only got better from there.

Reef sharks, sea cucumbers, different types of clown fish, sea turtle, moray eel, giant clams, coral, electric thingys, a potato grouper, and so much more.


Sarah said it best when you feel like you are a fish in a fish bowl when you are down there. It is totally their world…not ours. The fish go about their business and we are the ones that are their guests in their house.

cairns2 IMG_0139 IMG_0171 IMG_0191 IMG_0205 IMG_0212 IMG_0213 IMG_0274

Another gorgeous day out on the reef…..can’t complain….life is good.


Cheers and happy traveling.




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